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UNIUM Air Conditioner Cleaner 500ml UA-20

UNIUM Air Conditioner Cleaner 500ml UA-20


This product uses international advanced rotary valve and powerful expansion foam formula. It can thoroughly remove dust, oil, insect tracks and other debris attached to the internal fans, exchangers and evaporators of the air conditioning system and prevent mold and bacteria from propagating from dirt in the air conditioning filled with moisture, thus eliminating the smell and mildew emitted by bacteria, and emitting pleasant natural plant fragrance. It is a clean, bacteriostatic, deodorization three-in-one automotive air conditioning internal professional cleaning agent with no need to disassemble the inner of air conditioner.


Generally, speaking, when the vehicle is in service for more than one year, the air conditioning system has not been cleaned and maintained, and then all of them need to be clean.

TYPE Air Freshener & Air Conditioner Care
GRADE air conditioner cleaner
BARCODE 4450016000222
VOLUME 500ml

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